Reno Omokri Replies Man Who Insinuated That There Are No More Virgins In Nigeria

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has countered a man’s opinion that there are no longer virgins in Nigeria.

The Lawyer and author had taken to Twitter to advise youths to save their virginity for their spouses and ignore the mockery from their peers.

According to him, virginity is a one time password and people who have lost it can never regain it, therefore it is wiser to keep it for your future partner.

He tweeted,

Dear youths,
Your virginity is a One Time Password. Save it for the only person with your password. That is your husband or wife. Don’t bother about your peers who laugh at your virginity. You can be like them. They can never be like you again!


Reacting to his tweet, A Twitter user stated that Nigerian youth are very exposed to sex, insinuating that there are no more virgins.

He wrote,

Which Nigerian youth? people wey don tear eye pass their parents.

Reno Omokri, however, countered the man’s claim noting that it is a common satanic strategy, to make people believe that ‘everyone’ is doing it.

In response, he wrote,

Dear @mrcow_enang, This is actually a common satanic strategy. satan plays on your mind to make you believe ‘everyone’ is doing it. I was a pastor in Nigeria for years. There are many virgins in Nigeria. Not everyone is like you. Speak for yourself

See the exchange below,


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